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About us

Outpost Expeditions aims to provide an unforgettable experience through building relational and cross-cultural bridges, inspiring stories, small group discussions, and team-building experiences. These expeditions can be a game-changer on how you approach problems, deal with stress or impact relationships in a positive way.

We aim to provide an experience with a lasting memory of building relational connections and cross-cultural bridges. Through our expeditions and special events, we celebrate the joys of accomplishments as well as the pain and sorrow of life. These experiences mark our journey, create purpose, and develops empathy that delivers hope where needed.

Our home base has transitioned from Europe to the United States, located out of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Pam & Tim Mobley


Tim & Pam Mobley are veterans of Youth Outreach, Mission Ventures, Public Speaking and Team Building, Leadership, Mentorship, Coaching, and Counselling.  Their educational background covers Secondary Education, Counselling, Sociology, Theology.  The first 19 years of marriage, through their stateside church Student Ministries department, they traveled with teens and volunteers from Arkansas, Virginia and Colorado. Mission Expeditions were in Western and Eastern Europe along with five major inner-city missions from L.A. to NYC.


The Mobley’s have served in Western Europe for a total of 20 years. Tim has recently retired from the Department of Defense Schools in Brussels, currently serving in the local schools of the Laramie School District, Wyoming. Pam retired from St John’s International School in Waterloo Belgium after 10 years serving as a teacher and then Pastoral Counselor to MS and HS Students.  Outpost Expeditions continues to mobilize this generation of teens and young adults towards service, missions, personal character development, and spiritual awakening through camps, expeditions, and service projects.


The backbone of our organization is the Volunteer force! Our Volunteers set the tone from the very beginning of an expeditions throughout the finish line of our collective experience. We value every human that has been involved in our expeditions to help make the time a memorable and positive journey. Our goal is to provide every participant a safe and enjoyable time throughout our sponsored events and expeditions.


Our Volunteers range from age 18 (student volunteer) to retirement age. We value the energy, and relevant creative input of young adults and the wisdom and experience of older support staff. If you are interested in serving in any capacity whether local or from abroad, contact us.  Register through the Get Involved button, requesting a Volunteer application and more information regarding our expeditions and local events.

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